Will You Dare?!

By Guided Beginnings:

Being different can be embarrassing but in
the long run, the reward is enormous!
Young people (and sadly, adults), get into a
mess because they lack the everyday action-
oriented skills to make good decisions… Or
how do you explain giving in to the ‘aso-ebi’
just to ‘feel’ among…despite the stark reality
of uncleared bills?!
More than ever on the surface of the earth,
younger people today, every day, are being
lured into activities worse than giving in to
aso-ebi! From sexting, to snap chatting,
sexual misconduct, drugs, defiance,
examination malpractice, cultism, violence
and other crimes just as bad!
How do you groom yours to develop
necessary resistant skills to these sad
Guided beginnings presents DiscoveryVille
season VI… yet another opportunity of
Character, Leadership & Academic
Development for young people!
In this edition, young people will learn the
social, emotional and thinking behaviors
and abilities that will enable them dare to
be different.
Our goal is to prepare them to deal with the
demands, challenges and setbacks that will
inevitably occur in their life journey with
confidence, optimism, enhance their overall
well-being and provide a strong foundation
for their success in life.
Our Modules will be on:
1) Self Awareness & Appreciation and will
cover the ff:
Building Strengths
Managing Weaknesses
Building Confidence
Anger Management
Friendship skills
Peer Pressure Resistance
Sexual Safety
Dealing with Sadness, Frustration &
Character Traits
2) Academic Success:
Maths Mastery
Proficient Reading Skills
Creative Writing Skills
3) Skills Acquisition & Financial Intelligence:
Ankara crafts
4) Community Service- Charity Drive &
Excursion to IDPs.
Date: Monday August 3 – Friday August
28th, 2015
Time: 9.00am – 1:00pm daily
Venue: Care Center. 65, 11 Crescent, Kado
Estate Phase 1, Abuja
Eligibles: Ages 5 – 17

Hurry! Register your sprouts at http://www.guidedbeginnings.com – Setting the stage NOW
for future achievements!

+234 (0) 803 201 2783, +234 (0) 803 813
6991, +234 (0) 803 409 9642

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Shake it off, take it off and take it out.

Bad weather isn’t meant for your hide.
Shake it off, take it off and take it out.
Life is trouble but you are better off, take it out.
Laid it out, get on with your set plan.

Pick it up, take it on and live more.
Life is full of opportunities, take it up.
Get it on, keep going ‘cos you’re a warlord.
Life comes with battle and only men with brave heart eats the earth.

Soar when you crawl, walk and run.
Take flight ‘cos you had to live more.
The sky may be blue and the ocean may be white.
Remember, colors never remain the same all time.
Rule of thumb, never let your dream get corroded.
It matters to you, only you matters to yourself.

From Oleads Poetry Compilation ©2015 All Rights Reserved Hussein ab Oladele

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Where will your budding sprouts be this Summer?
ACLC Summer Hub For Kids: Age 4 – 12 it is!
This for sure is going to be a long vacation after the examination, as the kids begin to get restless, throwing tantrums and causing headaches.

Don’t you worry, ACLC Hub will keep their energy levels on the go as we poise to get dirty together in Art & Craft, dig in deep with good book reading skill and make compelling creativity with writing and theatricals.

Not only that, The Summer Hub has in store loads of fun games and activities such as puppet shows, handwriting efficiency, radio & TV presentation to keep their active mind productive for the summer and beyond.

Venue: 1R, Crescent, FHA, Lugbe-Abuja
Date: 1st – 25th, August, 2017 (Mondays – Fridays)
Time: 9 am – 1 pm Daily
Fee: #10, 000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only)

For more information, call 07017219295, 08099152095
e-mail: aclchub@gmail.com visit www.facebook.com/aclchub
ACLC Hub: Play – Learn – Make… inspiring excellence!!!

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First On My Mind

Oladele Hussein

You came into my life and caused me great heights.
You walked my way and bathed me in golden ray.
You put the rain to stop and ignited my body and soul with the sun.
You caused men at sea to witness perfect storm never seen.
You rock my world and stand firm like a solid rock.

You race hundred of miles just to make sure we are never apart.
Even so we are millionth miles apart.
You are as constant as the day light,
As beautiful as the garden of rose,
You blossom tenderly and your warmth, I lay relish softly.

You are the one, the one and only tales by moonlight.
The sparkling night star that dazzles the night.
Far from me is loneliness because the thought of you alone turn thorns into rose.
Only you give hope so freely, hope never to borrow.

I will stay here with you, even so the sky is far above our heads,
I will make it come closer to the reach of your hands.
You shall remain beautiful for you are beautiful inside-out.

ACLC. New BannerAll Rights Reserved (2017) Oleads

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A Ray of Hope

A Ray of HopeA Ray of HopeA Ray of Hope

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Everything Happen For a Reason:

Thereafter then

I ask myself,

has any heart free of heart-ache?

When then shall tender loving and care

be free that it got not in disarray?

The heart bruised easily,

but still,

it chose to fall so easily.

And still,

every hurt by lust has a reward in love.


everything happen for a reason.


I remember the hurt,

my heart cried me a river,

my eyes sheds more than blood.


I know this,

everything happen for a reason.

Even as important as the day,

it gives way to the night

everything happens for a reason.


for #NothingHappenByChance



Calm your nerves and be still,

things happen for a reason,

you can’t change it – move on now…




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One Life Lived

This one life we must live

We are not prepared to leave,

For we have dreams and aspirations

Only craving for a chance to soar.

 In mounting wealth of our nation

To swerve away from poverty

And triumph over hunger and diseases

With more love against confusion

We might have been annihilated

But we chose to soar over branded corruption.

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ACLC Afterschool Club


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Not The Devil

Oladele Hussein:

Never be the one that fades away,
be the ray that reigns in the rain.
Here, be careful of what you do,
because it may come around to hurt you.

Rule of the thumb,
breakdown no more
and blame not the devil,
not even the other man that let you down!

Of course, you want to react,
but instead, try to rehearse what you have.
Take flight away from what won’t last.
Indeed, you are what you are.

Whatever you do,
had nothing to do with the devil,
it’s all about you.

You are the drool who puts people to doom.
Get a motivation, it’s all but life’s battle.
You did it, not the Devil.

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