Will You Dare?!

By Guided Beginnings:

Being different can be embarrassing but in
the long run, the reward is enormous!
Young people (and sadly, adults), get into a
mess because they lack the everyday action-
oriented skills to make good decisions… Or
how do you explain giving in to the ‘aso-ebi’
just to ‘feel’ among…despite the stark reality
of uncleared bills?!
More than ever on the surface of the earth,
younger people today, every day, are being
lured into activities worse than giving in to
aso-ebi! From sexting, to snap chatting,
sexual misconduct, drugs, defiance,
examination malpractice, cultism, violence
and other crimes just as bad!
How do you groom yours to develop
necessary resistant skills to these sad
Guided beginnings presents DiscoveryVille
season VI… yet another opportunity of
Character, Leadership & Academic
Development for young people!
In this edition, young people will learn the
social, emotional and thinking behaviors
and abilities that will enable them dare to
be different.
Our goal is to prepare them to deal with the
demands, challenges and setbacks that will
inevitably occur in their life journey with
confidence, optimism, enhance their overall
well-being and provide a strong foundation
for their success in life.
Our Modules will be on:
1) Self Awareness & Appreciation and will
cover the ff:
Building Strengths
Managing Weaknesses
Building Confidence
Anger Management
Friendship skills
Peer Pressure Resistance
Sexual Safety
Dealing with Sadness, Frustration &
Character Traits
2) Academic Success:
Maths Mastery
Proficient Reading Skills
Creative Writing Skills
3) Skills Acquisition & Financial Intelligence:
Ankara crafts
4) Community Service- Charity Drive &
Excursion to IDPs.
Date: Monday August 3 – Friday August
28th, 2015
Time: 9.00am – 1:00pm daily
Venue: Care Center. 65, 11 Crescent, Kado
Estate Phase 1, Abuja
Eligibles: Ages 5 – 17

Hurry! Register your sprouts at http://www.guidedbeginnings.com – Setting the stage NOW
for future achievements!

+234 (0) 803 201 2783, +234 (0) 803 813
6991, +234 (0) 803 409 9642

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