Life and You

Life has never made a promise that it will be fair on anyone. Yes, it has never made such before and will not make it to anyone else now but you can always get tougher as life goes tough on you – tough times never last but tough people.

In life, you will meet with many people, people of different colour, culture, language and diverse views – it doesn’t matter what their views of you is or what your view of them is all that matter is that they will become your friend while others may prefer to be your harsh critic. Do they matter to you?

Yes, they do matter but never let their opinion of you become your reality for you will go down and never rise up to the challenges before you but all you have got to do is to maintain a #positive mindset of you and keep pressing no matter what the #situation you find yourself – keep pushing until you reach.

Isn’t life fair enough when you reach your desired goal and the whole world celebrates your triumph just like Nelson Madiba Mandela of #SouthAfrica, the one the whole wide world has been celebrating since the news of his bed arrest to a certain lung infection?

Keep pushing on regardless of your present predicament. You can reach if and only you choose to reach baring no hesitation to reach your goal with a positive #mindset. 

#Life is fair to those who accept this fact, ‘you win some and lose some.’ Life is fair for the man who is willing to accept defeat and dare the #impossible; life is fair to the man who bare no hesitation to move ahead.

‘May your days be rough’. – Prof. Tai Solarin


About Oleads

Poet, Dramatist, Teacher And Creative Entrepreneur - Positive Change With Compelling Creativity
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  1. oleads says:

    Done, thanks for taking the time

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