Will You Dare?!

By Guided Beginnings:

Being different can be embarrassing but in
the long run, the reward is enormous!
Young people (and sadly, adults), get into a
mess because they lack the everyday action-
oriented skills to make good decisions… Or
how do you explain giving in to the ‘aso-ebi’
just to ‘feel’ among…despite the stark reality
of uncleared bills?!
More than ever on the surface of the earth,
younger people today, every day, are being
lured into activities worse than giving in to
aso-ebi! From sexting, to snap chatting,
sexual misconduct, drugs, defiance,
examination malpractice, cultism, violence
and other crimes just as bad!
How do you groom yours to develop
necessary resistant skills to these sad
Guided beginnings presents DiscoveryVille
season VI… yet another opportunity of
Character, Leadership & Academic
Development for young people!
In this edition, young people will learn the
social, emotional and thinking behaviors
and abilities that will enable them dare to
be different.
Our goal is to prepare them to deal with the
demands, challenges and setbacks that will
inevitably occur in their life journey with
confidence, optimism, enhance their overall
well-being and provide a strong foundation
for their success in life.
Our Modules will be on:
1) Self Awareness & Appreciation and will
cover the ff:
Building Strengths
Managing Weaknesses
Building Confidence
Anger Management
Friendship skills
Peer Pressure Resistance
Sexual Safety
Dealing with Sadness, Frustration &
Character Traits
2) Academic Success:
Maths Mastery
Proficient Reading Skills
Creative Writing Skills
3) Skills Acquisition & Financial Intelligence:
Ankara crafts
4) Community Service- Charity Drive &
Excursion to IDPs.
Date: Monday August 3 – Friday August
28th, 2015
Time: 9.00am – 1:00pm daily
Venue: Care Center. 65, 11 Crescent, Kado
Estate Phase 1, Abuja
Eligibles: Ages 5 – 17

Hurry! Register your sprouts at http://www.guidedbeginnings.com – Setting the stage NOW
for future achievements!

+234 (0) 803 201 2783, +234 (0) 803 813
6991, +234 (0) 803 409 9642

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Anger is that ‘strong feeling’ of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. It is according to experts, a natural, though sometimes unwanted or irrational, emotion that everybody experiences from time to time.
It’s an emotion that everyone have to deal with for no-one will go through life without experiencing some form of anger but the rule of thumb is, ‘ensure’ it does not get you down to your knees! Understand it’s cause and take steps to deal with it.

Common triggers to anger:

  • Grief and/or sadness, loss of a family member, friend or other loved one.
  • Rudeness, poor interpersonal skills and/or poor service.
  • Tiredness, since people may have shorter tempers and be more irritable when tired.
  • Hunger.
  • Injustice: for example infidelity, being bullied, humiliated or embarrassed, or being told that you, or a loved one, has a serious illness.
  • Sexual frustration.
  • Money problems and the stress associated with debt.
  • Some forms of stress, unrealistic deadlines and things beyond our immediate control such as being stuck in traffic.
  • A feeling of failure or disappointment.
  • Becoming angry as a result of taking drugs or alcohol, or when withdrawing from such substances.
  • Having a crime committed against you or a loved one: theft, violence, sexual offences but also more minor things such as a feeling of being treated inappropriately.
  • Being either physical or mentally unwell, being in pain or living with a serious illness can lead to feeling angry.

Dealing with Anger:

The number one thing I’d like to recommend is, Listen to Music: Put on your mobile device or your home theater, plug in your headphones and dance away the sapping energy where
if possible no one will see you. You may also sing to yourself if this seem effective.
Secondly, Write it Down: poetry or journal will work. Yes, it will work when you get your feelings on paper.
Thirdly, you may consider Drawing it or scribble it: that is if you do not feel like writing a long piece, just draw or sketch your angry feelings.
Fourthly, you should engage in a sport or work out: at least, being physical will work out the anger right out of you as you do.
For the fifth part, Meditate/ breath: 
meditation or some breathing exercise works quite for me personally especially that of breathing exercise. If you stay focused on a particular breathing pattern and thinking about how you are breathing will help in controlling
the anger in you.
Otherwise, Talk to someone: It’s most likely sometimes our anger are caused by other feelings. Find out about this by talking to someone to get your feelings out in the open.
Lastly, Distract yourself: Yes, take your mind away a little bit by subjecting yourself in thinking about something else – try to force yourself to think about
something else other than what is causing your anger.

You might want to consider these too: RELAX: Anger is an emotion everyone have to deal with.
􀂉THINK: Whatever the outcome of your anger with anyone, ask yourself if it will be of benefit to you or the other person.
COMMUNICATE: Talk, don’t hit the other person and refrain from yelling as you talk.
􀂉TRY TO LAUGH: Laughter will do you a lot good. If your face is frowned, try to force a laugh to convince yourself that you are not angry but at ease.
CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT: -If Changing of environment is a game changer. If you’ve tried every possible trick, try to change the environment to get away from that which is causing you some anger – let yourself out!

“Anger is only a shorter version of DANGER!”

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One Life Live


This one life we must live

We are not prepared to leave,

For we have dreams and aspirations

Only craving for a chance to soar.

 In mounting wealth of our nation

To swerve away from poverty

And triumph over hunger and diseases

With more love against confusion

We might have been annihilated

But we chose to soar over branded corruption.

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Set it Free

Set it free

give me your heart, take mine.

Let’s live the dream of a lifetime,

swinging low, glowing with pride.

Take me there

darling high,

only your love I so speak

no other than yours to speak.

Let me be the air you breathe

I’ll be your voice when you call.

Let me fill the void when you sleep.

Hold on little angel, let’s hung on with zest.

Dearest sleeping beauty,

your world is ever blazing.

Wherever you maybe,

It doesn’t matter as long you stay with me.

No matter the distance,

I’ll keep you warm with heart.

Here is the light of life,

take it on, my sleeping child.

Hussein ab Oladele ©2015 All Rights Reserved

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May Days

Maybe the sun will rise and its shadow shield us once again,

that we bask with fun and wine under its ever warming golden rays.

Maybe Almighty healer will rain mercy upon us once again,

until we are cleansed of trite and soaked with love till fade.

Maybe our leaders should often think before they seldom act.

Arms non-proliferation treaty should get no hypocritical.

Maybe Nigerian leaders will stop to drool with many lies,

that they stand their feet before lurking sinister forces with pride.

Maybe we will remain a one big prosperous nation,

and continue to be our brothers keeper with fruition.

Maybe, maybe not we are homogeneous as a nation,

time has tell of our efforts, we must do away with gluttons.

Maybe June 12th should be democracy day,

May 29th is nothing more but gala night for syndicates.

Maybe not, we seem basking with wind of change

Maybe Nigeria will generate more mega watts this year,

away with corruptible imbeciles!

She must source for alternative energy this year.

Maybe, maybe not bookmakers are dumb,

we are thought to be sitting on time bomb;

we are a nation with vision that breed hope for the future.

Maybe, maybe not farmers will begin to get assistance from government.

We must be proud to feed our teaming population

Of course, our neighbors

and other nations abroad.

Maybe, maybe not corruption now sit on a time bomb,

it should cease this year 2015 – Nigeria has decided!

A victory without ethnic-religious bigotry,

we shall celebrate gloriously beyond centenary anniversary.

Maybe, maybe not but for sure,

policies aimed at alleviating poverty will yield,

but it is still not clear if herdsmen will get grazing field.

Yes, for anarchic bestiality,

maybe, environmental pollution will stop in the country.

amnesty is a mimicry for our peace deal.

Maybe more hospitals should be built

and that citizens enjoys free treatment,

that medical doctors never go on strike for pay rise.

Maybe quacks will leave the scene including dispirited teachers.

Maybe we will continue to live in peace once our rulers cease to siphon money,

that they part ways with extravagant mentalities.

Maybe it will take a swipe on us in wealth creation,

that we look within what we seek abroad with no result.

Maybe this is why we chose to change the scenery

simply to rise above UN poverty levels,

to live flamboyantly in the paradise we choose!

Maybe, maybe not this could be our May days,

Away from liturgy – maybe, maybe not, this is our May Days!

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Hacked Account

Hello fellow bloggers,

My Facebook account has been hacked! Please, ignore any message from anyone claiming to be me until I come up with an official statement that it has been resolved.

Please, anyone with valid information as to how I can get back my Facebook account should send me a DM on Twitter my username is oladelehussein

Thank you and do have a happy blogging

Oladele Hussein

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Like a mother does her child

Call on me, let me love you.

Let me be the very one you hold on to,

Yes, whenever you are troubled.

All I want to do is to make feel good

To make you feel secured.

It’s never a word of mouth my love,

Let me hold you.

Deny me not angel of truth

I promise you to love you.

Be your shoulder when you need the strength to climb.

Be your wings when you want to fly high in the sky.

Let me be your fin to swim the deep blue sea.

And take you to the cinemas to see the Cinderella movies.

Let me build you mountains where you can find serenity,

Take you home safely to enjoy a blissful sleep.

I will capture the rainbow and stick it in your heart

That you behold a little piece of light.

I can see the burning passion in your eyes

Ignited by endless care and tenderness.

Let me show you the beautiful world through your eyes

Your beauty, the meaning of true love so divine.

All had despised you and scorned you,

But I chose to remain defiant because you are beautiful.

Let me conquer the world for you

My bed of rose, you deserve more.

No matter how long it will take me, I will remain focused.

Like a story of the dove, yours a granary of gold to behold.

By Oladele Hussein ©2015 All Right Reserved

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