Maybe the sun will rise and its shadow will shield us once again,

that we bask with fun and wine under its ever warming golden rays.

Maybe Almighty healer will rain mercy upon us once again,

until we are cleansed of trite and soaked with love till fade.

Maybe world leaders should always think twice before they act,

that arms non-proliferation treaty never get hypocritical.

Maybe Nigerian leaders will stop to drool with many lies,

that they stand their feet before lurking sinister forces with pride.

Maybe we will remain a one big prosperous nation,

and continue to be our brothers keeper with fruition.

Maybe, maybe not we are homogenous as a nation,

only time will tell of our efforts to do away with gluttons.


Maybe June 12th should be the real democracy day,

May 29th is nothing more but gala night for syndicates.


Maybe Nigeria will generate more mega watts this year,

She can as well source for alternative energy before the year ends.

Maybe, maybe not we are sitting on a time bomb,

only nations with vision breeds hope for the future.

Maybe farmers will begin to get assistance from government,

that time we should be proud to feed other nations and ourselves.

Maybe corruption will cease in the year 2014 without ethnic-religious crisis,

when we shall celebrate a glorious centenary anniversary.

Maybe, maybe not policies aimed at alleviating poverty will yield,

it is still not clear if Fulani herdsmen will get a grazing field.


Maybe anarchic bestiality and environmental pollution will stop in the country,

could amnesty and emergency rule go hand in hand for peace?!

Maybe more hospitals should be built with free treatment for all,

it is not clear if before 2020 NHIS will be ready to cover all.

Maybe medical doctors will go on strike for pay rise,

and quack practice goes on the rise including dispirited teachers.

Maybe we will continue to live in peace once our rulers cease to siphon money,

that they part ways with extravagant mentalities.

Maybe it will take a swipe on us in wealth creation,

that we look within what we seek abroad with no result.

Maybe this is why we continue to live below poverty levels,

an irony, we live flamboyantly in the paradise of fools!

Maybe, maybe not this could be our Maybe days,

It is pathetic how we live in liturgy – we are is still in our May Days!


The luminescent sunlight – courtesy oleads of compelling creativity

© 2013 Hussein ab Oladele All Rights Reserved


About Oleads

Poet, Dramatist, Teacher And Creative Entrepreneur - Positive Change With Compelling Creativity
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3 Responses to MAY DAYS

  1. ologyjake says:

    To take me from me, is to take my time. – Jeysea, The Anti-Robot

    Oleads- you are real brotha, thanks for this!

  2. oleads says:

    Reblogged this on Oleads's Blog and commented:

    Only if we could turn back the hands of time but that will be Maybe we could still make any change for what we wish to change by turning back the hands of time – Maybe Days always lie ahead!

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