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First On My Mind

Oladele Hussein You came into my life and caused me great heights. You walked my way and bathed me in golden ray. You put the rain to stop and ignited my body and soul with the sun. You caused men … Continue reading

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A Ray of Hope

Half cup is enough for me… Continue reading

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“Anger is only a shorter version of DANGER!” Continue reading

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Not Yet Fait Acomplai

“Whence, my folks spat fire in the creeks like Oba Koso!

But now, the wind of change has swept all over the federation,

GMB persistence and resilience won the race like a dove,
This victory, for the very best of our nation – there is hope!” Continue reading

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The After Death – preview

‘stay with me Basil, don’t die on me,’ – The Afetr Death by Oladele Hussein Continue reading

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Mad for Life

Her virtues becomes her vices Continue reading

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Life is loving and hating altogether Continue reading

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