First On My Mind

Oladele Hussein

You came into my life and caused me great heights.
You walked my way and bathed me in golden ray.
You put the rain to stop and ignited my body and soul with the sun.
You caused men at sea to witness perfect storm never seen.
You rock my world and stand firm like a solid rock.

You race hundred of miles just to make sure we are never apart.
Even so we are millionth miles apart.
You are as constant as the day light,
As beautiful as the garden of rose,
You blossom tenderly and your warmth, I lay relish softly.

You are the one, the one and only tales by moonlight.
The sparkling night star that dazzles the night.
Far from me is loneliness because the thought of you alone turn thorns into rose.
Only you give hope so freely, hope never to borrow.

I will stay here with you, even so the sky is far above our heads,
I will make it come closer to the reach of your hands.
You shall remain beautiful for you are beautiful inside-out.

ACLC. New BannerAll Rights Reserved (2017) Oleads


About Oleads

Poet, Dramatist, Teacher And Creative Entrepreneur - Positive Change With Compelling Creativity
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