All Alone


Waiting in vain

Tired of waiting in vain.

Tired of the birds singing at my window

The hooting of the owls and the drooling of the doves;

The screeching of tires on the road,

And the libation poured in honour of Ifa divinition

When the whistle shrieks,

Mother druming sounds a samba

But no-one dance to it and not mad!

When the sky cried in silence

For the thunder poised to roar it apart.

Every now and then, I keep waiting in vain

Every night and everyday,

I hear the rain drop tears on mother earth.


Today, I am tired of waiting in vain

Tired of waiting all alone.

All alone on my own;

I watched the moonlight glow

I watch it while it fades away.

All alone, I wait in vain.

Fluttered and stuttered in whole

When clouded nights gets colder

With my dreams shrouded in whole.

I mumbled and fumbled all alone.

I soon whisper to myself,

I should not remain this way,

Loneliness, never to take me till fade

For the heart shall be lover wise once again

I sought to bask with an euphoria

This shoild be a wonderful scenery.

I sought to sink deep in an embracing arm

To cover myself in a warm soothing chest.

But the question I keep asking myself,

When shall I stop living all alone?

When shall the birds stop tweeting sweet melodies

That my nights cease to be cold.

And, this tale of mine pass away like a somnambulist!


About Oleads

Poet, Dramatist, Teacher And Creative Entrepreneur - Positive Change With Compelling Creativity
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One Response to All Alone

  1. oleads says:

    Reblogged this on Oleads's Blog and commented:

    Trying to stay up late just to keep my mind fresh and off the threat of those cold cold memories and dark nights!

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