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Parents First – Self-Esteem

‘‘The self-concept is such a powerful force in the personality that it not only determines how you see yourself in the present but also can actually influence your future behaviour and that of others’’ – Looking Out/Looking In, Adler/Towne
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Children Learn What They Live

Parents and their children are both communicators and where a parent exhibit a low self-esteem, problem could arise for the child’s self-concept thus, a mutually reinforcing cycle arises in which parents and children shape one another’s feelings and behaviour. Continue reading

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Parents First – Today’s Parents

”Good parenting should also help to protect children from developing anxiety; depression; eating disorders; antisocial behaviors, alcohol and drug abuse. Good parenting also prevents parents to base their actions on gut reaction but better instinct is good for the child to grow up with a robust and well-rounded guided beginnings…” Continue reading

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