Not The Devil

Oladele Hussein:

Never be the one that fades away,
be the ray that reigns in the rain.
Here, be careful of what you do,
because it may come around to hurt you.

Rule of the thumb,
breakdown no more
and blame not the devil,
not even the other man that let you down!

Of course, you want to react,
but instead, try to rehearse what you have.
Take flight away from what won’t last.
Indeed, you are what you are.

Whatever you do,
had nothing to do with the devil,
it’s all about you.

You are the drool who puts people to doom.
Get a motivation, it’s all but life’s battle.
You did it, not the Devil.


About Oleads

Poet, Dramatist, Teacher And Creative Entrepreneur - Positive Change With Compelling Creativity
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