Rank and file – rat race is in motion.

This color blindness seem a symptom of class discrimination.

Virgin petite mine, who broke your hymen in attenuation?

The hymen for my wallabies – my lullabies?!

It will be the disintegration of our generation!

We seem going down hill with tsunami – what a pity!

Life should be with fun and never to be mocked!

Why wasting your time free thinkers with brain tumor,

Preaching like what, are you saints of dereliction?

Ah; you visit the shrine time after time in volition to most high.

Yet, your vices eludes your virtues!

Ah-ah, look at these people of common drools.

I shook my head and concluded with honest truth,

Many lack the simple truth – they do not see the light!

Those who always think piety comes from the shrine

Never think well at all – there is no salvation in drooling!

Of course, the path to heavens comes from within.


Now, that my insouciant fellows raises eyebrow

I must say this, cocksure are those with silver spoon – there is no bond.

They can read and write but are still illiterate,

Their nose tucked with ice, I look at them with pity and rage.

But despondent are others with true psyche – nothing abound.

Those of work-worn parents, struggles to be educated,

Money paid to them not enough for welfare,

They provide clerks for educated stooges of ill-gotten wealth,

Now, they dream to be silver spooned with their token but soon deviate.

Whence, miserable fellows silver spooned are crest fallen like a renegade,

They do not think of anything else, least about life’s challenges!

Life has become a joke – a tale of weal and woe,

Foul and fair for many fellows silver spooned or metallic spade.


For those silver spooned – life is enjoyment of full.

Having compunction, metallic spade sign up to smoke up.

Watching them as they puff on and as they pop on;

I see wisps of their mentalities escaping,

Yes, senses fast escaping like free winds!

Extravagance both look at me, eyes red hot like the blacksmith.

I shook my head, these autistic children,

They can not arrest their anxiety, was it enjoyment?

Not at all, it was a vain life of wastefulness,

I should tag it lack of vision and consciousness.

Now that they lack direction and mocked my asceticism,

There is nothingness for me to speak before them.

Alas; I must say this before you, austerity is asceticism.

Indeed, asceticism fathers discipline!


© 2013 Hussein ab Oladele All Rights Reserved


About Oleads

Poet, Dramatist, Teacher And Creative Entrepreneur - Positive Change With Compelling Creativity
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