Not Yet Fait Acomplai

Happy Poets Month! it’s April my birth month and as a matter of information, I will be marking my birthday tomorrow Tuesday the 14th, April, 2015.

Well, let me re-post part of my poetry posting since 2013, those that I actually posted as a criticism of Nigeria’s current President and his party – here it goes:


Well, still pacing back and forth in the luxury of my bedroom

You must be acquainted with me by now – I meant well for my people.

Do not say I am a rapid talker not a performer – talk is cheap, action expensive!

Those that really matter gets whatever they desire!

Stop playing saint, we are no better than sinners.

Although, some droplets of my siblings may crave for more.

They tend to scheme with plea bargain and causes confusion;

They often squabble with loss of lives and marvels in destruction;

It threatens the nation’s heritage of unity in diversity – what a commotion!

They really don’t care whose ox is gored, why not?!

Only the game of throne must be played with vigour.

And change is the name of the game whilst these folks never savour!

While I continue to pace back and forth one good morning

I recollect the last time we outshone the opposition – still mourning

My predecessor, God bless his soul, confessed abracadabra was the solution

The world took him for his word, marvellous with amnesty

High esteemed in good governance and economic reforms!

Hence, my regime was laden with impunity and ethnic-religious crisis – what a pity?!

People knew of some paddy-paddy arrangement, a manifestation of our Achilles heel.

Alas; I am a 21st century man, nothing like Dan Fodio or Kakanfo!

Whence, my folks spat fire in the creeks like Oba Koso!

But now, the wind of change has swept all over the federation,

GMB’s persistence and resilience won the race like a dove,

This victory, for the very best of our nation – there is hope!

Change is the name of the motion!

©2015  Oladele Hussein All Right Reserved


About Oleads

Poet, Dramatist, Teacher And Creative Entrepreneur - Positive Change With Compelling Creativity
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