The Will of the People

What is it the people want?
What is it they crave for and won’t get?
The country is in disharmony,
The people always crave to move forward
But basic infrastructure they will never get.
Even with growth in the nation’s economy,
It is good life for the cartel for masses to be annihilated.

The ruling party is in factions
The opposition party is confused.
And the people locked in commotion!
So, what is more to the nation?
What else could the people do?
Here, there is no more for the poor
But many more inflated wallet for drooling stooges.

The land is green but not fertile
The water is more but not pure;
The air is fresh but polluted;
The children are many but not healthy;
The people are educated but not productive;
The governors are rich but impoverished,
And the nation grow wealthy but frequently sick!

There are more guns on the street
More drugs in the cabin.
There is more fraud in the offices,
More corruption in politics
And more insecurity from armed bandits with ethnic-religious crisis.
It is safe no more for the will of the people in the country.

Alas; all of these the people will without prejudice
Freedom to life without fear of childbirth mortality;
Freedom of speech and association;
Freedom to enjoy basic amenities;
Freedom to credible and accountable stewardship,
Freedom to proper education and productivity for nation building.


About Oleads

Poet, Dramatist, Teacher And Creative Entrepreneur - Positive Change With Compelling Creativity
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