Away from prying eyes

In Memorial of the exit of an icon:

Bernard ‘Kgang’ Jonas

(1979 – 2013)


Bernie, why did you have to leave us so soon?!

Look at the vacuum your exit had created.

Boy o boy, Ajao best!

The only musical icon that always keep the heart going.

Everything at its best!

Your world is such a wonderful one,

Your life was such a double one

No-one does it better glorious warrior.

You always keep things going

We must keep your dreams alive and going.

Haba, Kgang you slip away from our fingers,

Never had the chance to stop by and say goodbye.

It’s a pity you can’t hold on long enough with us.

Bernard, you are a keeper of hope for the ambitious

We wonder why it had to happen

But it did happen!

Dearest Kgang, who else can fill this vacuum?

O gracious Lord, giver of life and death;

You yet, make us cope

Even though there wasn’t much hope!

What an exit Kgang!

Well and well partner,

It is our joy that your exit was such a glorious one.

Keep the music alive as you rest in the bosom of your Lord.

Kgang, you are truly a brother, an irreplaceable icon.

From everyone who had came in contact with you,

They never find it a trouble, my lyrical partner with truth!

You are such a symbol of love and peace;

An harbinger of hope and change of rave;

An epitome of kindness and humility;

A man of virtues crowned with agape love,

A bed of rose with many colors.

Till we meet to part no more on the day of joy,

Where we shall all keep singing with everlasting love

We shall rejoice before the Lord for it shall be a day of joy!

Halleluiah joy … Halleluiah joy …

Halleluiah joy we shall meet on that day.

Adieu Kgang the catchiest of all nation.


©2013 All Rights Reserved


About Oleads

Poet, Dramatist, Teacher And Creative Entrepreneur - Positive Change With Compelling Creativity
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